Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What I Learned This Week: The Randomness of My Life

They say knowledge is power. So, exactly what is it I have power over? I’ve got knowledge. Knowledge of important stuff, knowledge of trivial stuff, knowledge of absolutely nothing. I am known as “Google Queen” because if I don’t know something, I WILL Google it. But, sometimes I come across little gems of info out of the clear blue.

For instance, this week I learned that when I give my 5 month old flavored Tylenol for his fever, he comes to expect that flavor ALL the time. Why can’t they make flavored Enfamil? I mean they flavor medicine but not formula?

I learned, the hard way, that I am not superwoman. I have a history of migraines and when one hit last night, I thought I’d take the high road and brave it out. Yeah, not a good idea! My head was pounding. All light made it worse. All noise made it worse. I got nauseous. Connor was in a mood (teething, I think) and wanted to cry. Oh, not good for a pounding headache. I tried drinking caffeine. Nothing. I tried eating. Took one bite and wanted to hurl. Finally, I broke down and sent the hubby to Walgreen’s for some Excedrin Migraine (also, they have them on SALE. 100 gel tabs for $7.99!) Took 3 and 2 hours later I was awake and headache free. And had to re-heat my dinner.

I learned this week that planning my semester classes is harder than planning for childbirth for me. I make a list of classes I need/want. Scratch through them. Make a new list. Scratch through it. Repeat. Until my schedule is made up of classes combined from all of them. Then I have to stare at it on my screen for half an hour before I will hit “Submit”. I settled on 4 classes, 14 credits, after months of agonizing over it.

I learned this week that my kids can, and lately will, sleep in shifts. I think they do this because they think I am absolutely beautiful with only 2 hours of sleep a day. Gotta love this bunch!

I learned this week that my 5 month old son can take off his own diaper. Wonderful news! Apparently he is going to be a genius!

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Loves this Crazy, Beautiful Life!!! said...

It is never easy with lots of kids to do things simply! I unerstand!! Glad you have your next set of classes!! I hear you on the sleep! LOL, KIDS! Hope you have a great day!