Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What I Learned This Week: Hodge Podge


Welcome to another edition of "What I Learned This Week". It'll be another pointless, completely random hodge podge of information. As usual. But, hey, maybe someone can actually find something useful. Or fascinating.

Well, if you read yesterday's blog (Forget Tropical Storm Bonnie...), then you know the first thing I have learned is to never, ever, ever, and I mean ever! leave a $25 can of formula out on the counter. Especially cans that have only had one bottle made out of it. Odds are, it'll end up on the floor courtesy of my evil spawn precious children.

Second, have you ever seen the show You're Cut Off! on VH1? Oh. My. Gosh. It is so freaking hilarious. You know how all of us "normal folk" always dream of living the "good life"? Well, this show takes the high maintenance socialites and makes them live like us normal people. They have to do chores, give up their credit cards and money, grocery shop on a budget. I absolutely love this show! Watching it now as I type this. And it was the finale. The families gave these spoiled rich chicks new rules to live by in order to graduate and come home. One got all hot and all because her mom said that she wasn't going to pay for her tanning anymore! Haha! At the end of the show it said that she has downgraded and gone from tanning beds to spray tans. Then one's husband said that there would be no more housekeeper and she, at first, said that she couldn't accept these terms then finally broke down and agreed just to go home. Oh, to be rich and spoiled.....

Third, have you ever noticed that all the good shows always come on the same day at the same time? Why is this? When Chris was flipping through the channels, I saw a preview for a show called "The Colony" (apparently this is the second season. I must've missed last year's). This season premieres tonight at 9 pm CST. So, I go to look at my Cozi calendar (hey, it came free on my laptop. Figured I'd try it out). Yes, I use a calendar to keep up with the shows I watch. Otherwise I forget! And I realize that I watch 2 other shows at 9 pm! WTH? But, yet my Thursdays and Saturdays are completely empty. Well, luckily The Colony replays at midnight so I guess I'll be watching TV on Tuesdays from 7 pm - 1 am! (Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, Teen Mom, Rescue Me, and The Colony). I never remember Tuesdays being the best day for TV. Times sure have changed....

And I spent all afternoon Monday stalking the New Orleans Hornets websites waiting for word on the CP3 (Chris Paul) situation. Staying? Being traded? I was just impatient for the word..... So, with that I've learned that my husband is probably one of the luckiest men in the world. While I am not the type of wife who is willing to likes to  will cook and clean (no, let me rephrase that. I LOVE to cook. It's the cleaning that has me desiring sticking a pencil in my eye... But I digress...) and I will delegate as many chores to my children that are legally allowed. I even resort to bribing my kids to do chores so its less I gotta do. While I'm not the June Cleaver type of wifey, I will sit down and watch sports, argue with him over sports, threaten to kick his a$$ if he downs my team, etc.... I have witnessed his jaw drop when I am the first one to turn the TV to Sports Center because I am the one who wants to watch it. I realize that there are other women like me, but there are probably a lot of men in the world that wish their wife, girlfriend, whatever is like this.

While watching the above mentioned show, You're Cut Off! and reflecting on Saturday's blog - I Am Who I Am, Part Deux, I learned that if I had the money to spend on myself, I would definitely be a prospective candidate for the show. I can just see Chris standing there at the Graduation show reading me his list of new rules - "Crystal, you must start cleaning house. You can no longer buy yourself shoes and purses and jewelry. No more clothing shopping sprees; you already have enough clothes that you hardly wear. No more tattoos. No more tanning beds and manicures and pedicures."
Hostess of show -  "Crystal, do you accept these new rules that enable you to graduate and go home?"
Me - "Uh, H*ll f*ck NO!"

Stay tuned for next week's edition. I think I'm going to start calling this "Crystal's Completely Random and Useless Hodge Podge of What I Learned This Week" blog post. Nah, that's too long to type every week!

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One Red Daisy said...

Hey Crystal, thanks for checking out my blog too! You are hysterical, and I admire you for having so many children and being able to watch so much TV! I only have one (with the same first initial as my hubby and I too, only accidental) and with his sleep issues lately, we've had to leave his door open, so no TV in our living room for us. :( I'm just glad it is not the regular TV season as I'd go crazy! Ever watch Hung or Entourage on HBO? Some of my favs. That show with the richies sounds funny. Well, pathetic really. :)I thought of my son dragging our recycling bag down the hall last night as I read how you pawn off your chores.