Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday 13: Must See TV

I used to be all about TV. I watched everything I could possibly squeeze into one day. When I was a teenager, I had a list of TV programs that I would watch on a daily basis – at least 16 hours worth (especially during the summer). As I got older and had kids, I realized that I had to give up more and more of my TV time. Now - a – days, it’s a bitter fight for me to watch TV. Most days I end up waving my white flag in surrender and let the kids have the TV. Why?, I end up asking myself. They never watch it! It’s just background noise to them. While I’m stuck with watching the images of Phineas and Ferb (a show I absolutely despise!), they are running around screaming and shouting and playing. But, heaven forbid if I turn the channel to something else, like the news or even a soap opera. “But, Mammmma! We were watching that!” “Uh, no you weren’t….” *Note to self – Do not argue with this! A mother will not win!* But, at night the TV is mine! So, below are 13 of my must see TV shows that I watch, listed in no particular order.

1) Cake Boss – I am completely fascinated with designer cakes. They are absolutely beautiful. This is something I have no patience to make so watching someone else make them is the next best thing. Plus watching Italians in a bakery. Hysterical!

2) Hell’s Kitchen – I have watched almost EVERY season of this show. I love to cook so cooking shows are like my all time favorite shows! I also bought the Hell’s Kitchen game for my DSi and mastered it in a week! LOL Sure, Chef Ramsay’s language is a bit explicative, but that’s what makes it so entertaining.

3) Teen Mom – At first I hated the whole 16 & Pregnant concept. I even refused to watch it. Then one day my curiosity got the best of me and I watched the first season of Teen Mom when MTV ran a marathon. I even watched the second season of 16 & Pregnant (I would really like some updates on these girls! Listening MTV?) and am now watching the second season of Teen Mom, which is still chronicling the lives of some of the original 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom girls.

4) If You Really Knew Me – This is a new show that comes on right after the original airing of Teen Mom. I only began watching it because I just never changed the channel one night (LAZY!! LOL). It was actually really good. It talks about the different cliques in high school and then explores the people individually and shows why they may act the way they do.

5) Rescue Me – I began watching this series is first season solely because it was about firefighting and more importantly FDNY. I stopped watching for maybe 2 years and sadly since beginning to watch again this season, I am not lost at all. It’s actually pretty sad that I can miss 2 years and still understand everything! This has strong language and strong sexual themes so it is not for little ones at all.

6) The Colony – This show actually began last year, but I missed it. I decided I wanted to watch it this season after seeing the previews. It is also set in Chalmette, LA which is nearby. There has only been one episode so far and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows.

7) Dog the Bounty Hunter – I absolutely love this show. I only began watching it a couple of years ago but I have seen every single episode. All I can say is the Chapman family rocks!!

8) Real World: New Orleans – I have never been a fan of the Real World – ever! But I wanted to watch this season solely because they were in New Orleans. The show concept has not grown on me still, but I watch to see my beloved NOLA! For the record, I also tried to watch the Washington DC one. That lasted 2 episodes before I was done with it.

9) Ghost Adventures – I found this show one night while flipping through channels. Actually it was a marathon and I watched about 5 episodes of it that night. I was instantly hooked. I love ghost stories. Period. Good ghosts, bad ghosts, makes me no difference. I can’t say I believe 100% because I have never had an experience with a ghost but with the same token, I can’t say 100% that they don’t exist either. But, I would so go ghost hunting in a heartbeat!

10) Pawn Stars – This show is so cool! Some of this stuff that people pawn is so interesting. And some is such junk! LOL I watch this when I remember it’s on or when I’m flipping through channels and see it. I just saw that TruTV is starting one as well based in Detroit (Pawn Stars is located in Las Vegas).

11) 24 Hour Restaurant – I watched this show once, but it quickly grew on me. Two teams are given 24 hours to decorate a restaurant, plan a menu and open it. They are given $4,000 to spend on décor and food (menu must have at least one each of appetizer, entrée and dessert). They are given painters, a sous chef and waiters to assist. Customers then choose the restaurant they want to eat at based on décor and menu. Judges then eat at both restaurants and determine a winner based on the "concept, execution and viability" of the restaurant. The only episode I watched was called “The Battle of the Italians”. Perfectly fitting…..

12) Law and Order: SVU – I have seen every. single. episode. At least twice a piece, if not more. USA runs a marathon every Tuesday (usually) and sometimes even on a weekend. This is my absolute favorite of the Law and Order series. Hands down!

13) Kendra – Kendra was always my favorite on Girls Next Door. I think it’s because our personalities were so much alike. So, when she got her own show I started watching it. And will continue to until they stop making them!

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