Sunday, July 18, 2010

QOTW: Crying It Out

The subject of CIO, (or "crying-it-out") is hotly debated and quite controversial to many people. As parents, we know that what works for other families, doesn't always work for our own. As parents of multiples, we are quick to learn that sometimes one or more children may have to wait for the attention they are seeking, and there is just no getting around that. This week's Multiples and More Question of the Week is:

How do you feel about CIO?


Charlotte and Caitlyn
Oct. 2005 -- 1 week old

■Did you use this method for sleep training? Are you against it?

I have never used this method for sleep training with any of my children. I am personally against it. However, I will not belittle someone who does it. Parenting styles are a personal choice and CIO is just not one of mine.

■If you are against it, do you feel that it is damaging in any way to a child? Why?
Well, I wouldn't say damaging per say. I believe that a baby cries for a reason. It's up to us as parents to figure out the reason. I don't think that babies truly throw temper tantrums. Now, if one of my older children wants to throw a temper tantrum because they can't have their way, then they will throw the tantrum. I can't comfort anger like that. I'll stay around so they know that I am still there for them; just not giving in to their demands.

■How well did/do your multiples sleep?
They have their moments. Some times they only cat nap. Some days they sleep for long hours. I have 7 children total so I am used to little or no sleep.

■Do you think you are/were more likely to allow a child to CIO because he/she is a multiple?
No! I would be too afraid of the crying baby waking the sleeping baby. Or if they were both awake and need something, I still have to provide. CIO was never an option for me with any child.

■What instances do you think it is appropriate, or inappropriate to allow a child to CIO?
Like I said before, if the child is throwing a temper tantrum then I will let them continue. I will stay in the same room and reassure them every so often that I am there and willing to listen when they wish to talk calmly. I would never put my child in a room alone screaming just because.

Courtney and Cheyenne
Feb. 2008 -- 4 months old
Courtney crying because she didn't want to take pictures. I did them anyway!

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