Saturday, July 31, 2010

Product Review: Swivel Sweeper G2


** DISCLAIMER: I paid for this product myself. I have never been in contact with any company affiliated with this product. I received no product, cash or any other compensation for this review. **

I saw this product advertised one night on television. I thought it looked neat and would be a great product for our household. According to the infomercial I watched, it would clean up all types of messes on any type of floor. It would clean up dry and wet messes. However, my husband wasn’t sold on this product at all. He even rolled his eyes at it. Then one day our vacuum broke and we were put in the position to purchase a new one. We looked at all types of vacuums, my heart being set on a Dyson. However, the Dyson was out of our price range. I then asked again for the Swivel Sweeper. He relented, and we found it at Walgreen’s for $39.99 + tax. I was confident that this was going to be a great solution to our vacuum problem.

I used it the next day. I was not impressed at all. When I used it on my carpet, it “bounced” when being pulled back and all the dirt fell back out. I tried cleaning the floors several times and it just did not pick up much at all. When I emptied the dirt container, it was simple enough to do. I really liked that it was cordless, the battery was supposed to last for 45 minutes on a charge (it didn’t) and it seemed like there wasn’t enough battery power to work the vacuum. The swivel design was a nice feature, as was the bendable handle to reach up under furniture. This would have been the ideal product for me had it worked properly.

I ended up borrowing a neighbor’s vacuum for that day and then purchasing another vacuum that night. The Swivel Sweeper found its way to the trash. I even gave it a few more tries before completely trashing it. I do not recommend this product based on my experience with it. Please leave me a comment if you have had a different experience with this product.


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