Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Am Who I Am.....

And your approval is not needed!

Many people have called me a complicated person. Granted many of them were men and well, let's face it. Women are complicated in a man's mind. But, in reality, I am not complicated at all. I am a fairly simple person. Simple things matter most to me. I know what I want in life, maybe not always how to get there, but I know what I want!

I am who I am and I like what Iike. I will watch a football game from start to finish. I will understand 95% of what is going on. I know all the players on my team and I know the big names around the NFL. I will yell at the television. I will call refs expletives and I can get overly excited. And I will trash talk you. That's me. I mean nothing personal against you. I could care less who you like but if you play my team that week, then its on. Oh, but if you like the Dallas Cowboys, then I will be trash talking you on a regular basis. I just have an immense dislike for hate them.

You will catch me, on occasion, watching a NBA game. Usually its the New Orleans Hornets. I may not be able to follow this one as well as NFL, but I do try. If you ask who I root for, I'll tell you the New Orleans Hornets..... and whoever is playing the Lakers. In my defense, I liked the Hornets when they first started in Charlotte and the year Muggsy Bogues started with them. And I'll be honest. My girly girl side kicked in and I chose them because of their team colors. But, I always stayed a fan. So, hey I can say I have been a fan since Day 1. That's pretty cool. I guess. LOL However, with all the LeBron hype going on, I now hate the Miami Heat. Almost as much as I hate the Lakers. But, now they are at the bottom of my list until LeBron leaves them. Yes, I take my sports seriously.... I watch sports more than soap operas.

On we go to baseball. I have been an Atlanta Braves fan since oh, about 1992. This happened because I sat down with my granddaddy to watch TV and he was watching an Atlanta Braves game. This is how the Braves became my favorite team. I turned into such a baseball fanatic that I could give you the entire team's statistics for the 1994 season. That was also my 16th birthday. While most girls want flowery, prissy cakes I asked for a baseball cake. Which I got. It was decorated as the baseball diamond and then they took pictures of my 4 favorite players -- Steve Avery (p), Javy Lopez (c), David Justice (RF) and Ryan Klesko (LF) -- and made them into the edible cake pictures and put them on the cake. Yeah, I was in heaven.... That was also the year I called my high school baseball team a bunch of p*ss*es because they couldn't play as good as the pros. You know, as I write this, I realize my son is in for a crazy time when he starts playing sports. Great, I'm going to be one of *those* moms. Apparently I also have a thing for the position of catcher. My past favorite player was Javy Lopez who was catcher. My current favorite player is Brian McCann, a catcher. Hmmmm..... This is another sport where I get heavily emotionally invested. Umpires will get called "Blind, stupid M-F'ers" and if you screw up a play, I'm ready to fire you myself. I guess I would 100% be banned from venues if I were an owner/manager/coach. I'm the female Mark Cuban.... Wonderful......

I guess we should move on. since, you know, I've already knocked myself down a few pegs and all....

For minor league baseball, I used to be all about the Tides when I lived in Virginia. But, simply for the fact that it was where I lived. I switched to the New Orleans Zephyrs when I moved to Louisiana. Don't like that I switched? Oh, well... Deal with it. I didn't really like the Tides just rooted for the "home" team.

As for a baseball team I hate it would be the Yankees. Do I hate them because they win all the time? Nope. I hated them even in their bad years. I've hated them since I started watching baseball. I think Jeter and A-Rod are overrated. I can also *if I sat down and really thought about it* name some players on other teams that are extremely overrated. Just get back to me on that, k?

Now, hockey.... I really can't watch a hockey game. Every now and then I can watch it for 5 or 10 minutes then I'm done. However, I root for the Carolina Hurricanes. Why? I really don't know. I guess because at the time I was picking favorites I still lived in Virginia -- right between the Washington Capitols and the Carolina Hurricanes. So, I chose Carolina. End of story. I'm going to *try* and keep up with hockey this year. Yeah, wish me luck. On the "team I hate list" for NHL its Detroit. Always has been and always will be. I did claim to like the Anaheim Ducks at one point. That was just cause of the whole Mighty Ducks trilogy going on. When I discovered the movies had nothing to do with the team, I shrugged it off. Hey, I was a young'un. I'm entitled to a mistake here or there.

So, what am I leaving out? Oh, NCAA sports. I am LSU all.the.way. Without a doubt. Without a hesitation. Yep, I even keep up with NCAA baseball. I'm a sports dork. Yes, I know. And for the record, around the Final 8 time, I called South Carolina as this year's College World Series winner. Made me 3 for 4 for the year thus far. But that'll be later on down. I will also cheer for the University of Miami (FL). But they will ALWAYS be #2.

I do not watch soccer at this point. I have considered trying to get into it. But, to be honest I have no clue what the teams are. And I only know of 2 players. Beckham and Landon Donovan. I did follow the FIFA World Cup. I didn't watch it, but I followed the scores and teams. I cheered for the USA, of course, until they were knocked out. Then I chose Spain. Well, they took it all.

I used to be all into NASCAR. I had all sorts of memorabilia. I used to know stats, crews, everything. Now I could care less. My favorite was Dale Earnhardt, Sr. After his death, I chose Tony Stewart. I still pull for him. I just choose not to watch it.

Now, I mentioned before I was 3 for 4. That was for championships. For the Super Bowl, I called the Saints (duh!), for the NBA I called the Celtics (they let me down.), for College World Series I called South Carolina (keep it in the SEC!) and for FIFA World Cup I called Spain (in the Final 8 or so. The bracket right after the USA got knocked out).

Did I forget a sport? But, my point is - Don't criticize me for liking sports. Yes, I'm a girl. Yes, I like girly things. But I also like my sports. Don't knock it.

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