Monday, July 26, 2010

Forget Tropical Storm Bonnie....

She had nothing on my kids this weekend. While the Coast Guard/BP were busy pulling vessels out of the Gulf from the Oil Spill site and our parish president was busy strategizing for possible flooding (it takes nothing to flood down here!), my kids were in the Hurricane stage. If they could tear it up, they did!

They have gotten smart and have learned that when they wake up, to be very quiet so Mommy and Daddy won't hear them. The younger ones have also learned that they can pull a fast one over on their big sisters, Tina and Carly, and can wreck havoc even in their care! So, Mommy made a mistake and left the can of baby formula on the counter Friday night. Yeah, bad me! I had about half of a 12.9 oz can of powdered formula left. I walk out to tend to Connor. I come back and the kids have dumped it out and played in it. Aghhhh!!!! So, I call Chris and ask him to stop by the store and grab a can on his way home from work. I knew it was ok because Connor had just finished a bottle and wouldn't want one again until after he got home. Chris stops by the local Walgreen's and gets the larger can of formula (23.2 oz can of powdered). I make Connor his early morning bottle (2 am) and dumb me, left the can sitting right there on the counter -- AGAIN! (definition of insanity -- repeating the same action over and over expecting different results) Well, I wake up 5 hours later and the whole freaking can is dumped all over the floor! The kids were all asleep so my best guess is they woke up and wrecked havoc overnight or we have a ghost! (By the way -- is it illegal to lock your kids in their room? And baby gates are useless! They're monkeys; they climb them!) So, Chris (had to go back to work for a couple of hours that morning) assured me he would stop and get another can on the way home. I figured Connor would be ok until then. If anything, I had jarred foods for him and could water down some juice until Chris got home. Well, a few hours later (was only supposed to be 2 but ended up being 5 hours!) he brought another large can home. Now, the small 12 oz cans of powder usually last us 2-3 days so I figured the larger cans should've lasted about a week. So, far the kids had dumped 8 days worth of formula on the floor!! I fix Connor an afternoon bottle and he takes a nap. I leave the can on the counter, but miraculously its still there later in the evening when I go to fix his next bottle. I fix his nighttime bottle and leave it there again. Hey, I figured it lasted this long and should be safe. WRONG!!!! I found it an hour or so later, all over the floor! So, now count it people -- 2 weeks worth of formula wasted! I was in tears. I called Chris, who was at work for his scheduled shift on Saturday, and I was like "Sit down." He was like, what? I told him the second $25 can of formula was dumped out. I finally decided that I was not buying Enfamil anymore. I found the Parent's Choice brand (23 oz powdered) for only $12. That's even cheaper than the 12 oz can of Enfamil! So far he has been good on it. And so, far the formula has stayed in the can. (Ok, maybe that's because I even sleep with it now! LOL)

Well, this morning I wake up at 5:30 am and find 3 of the 4 youngest girls eating the lunchables that were bought for today's lunch! Not only did they eat their own, they ate the other 3's too! As well as the hot dog buns for dinner tonight and decided to pour their own milk! Grrr......   

I'm serious people! For some reason I'm thinking it's illegal in all 50 states to padlock them in a room. So, any advice on how to keep (quiet) wakers and climbers out of everything???

And, no, I did not take any pictures of the powdered mess(es). I have them burned into memory and every time I picture them, the vein in my forehead starts popping out. And I start thinking, "Oh, bring on a tropical storm cause right now they ain't got nothing on my kids!"

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Gale said...

I hope it's not illegal, because I did it! Their bedroom door had a lock on it...and they had a bad habit of playing with it and locking themselved in. After having to take off the doorknobs several times to get in, I took the thing and turned it around so the lock was on the outside. I had no intentions at the time but to keep lil ones from locking themselves in, but when they started roaming and climbing, AND had figured out how to get past the "safety door knob covers" (which you could try by the way...they are perfectly legal and may thwart them for a while at least), then I started locking them in.