Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For The Cause.....

I have had this post saved in my drafts since the beginning of July. I wanted to share a picture with it, but my kids didn't want me to share a picture yet. So, out of respect for their feelings, I held off. Finally... after 3 months, I am allowed to share the story and picture with the blog world.
I was always a Granddaddy's girl. I was the apple of my granddaddy's eye. That is until I had my oldest daughter, Crystina. Then she became Granddaddy's little girl. They were inseparable. In July 2004, we got the news that he had Pancreatic cancer. On September 13, 2004 - less than 2 moths later - he passed away at home surrounded by his family. Crystina's world was forever changed. My second daughter knew him but they weren't like he and Tina.
One day we were discussing cancer. We talked about remission and death. We discussed chemo and side effects. The girls, well the oldest 2, came up with donating their hair. Which they did. The 2005 twins did it as well, but more as a following gesture. They decided they wanted to shave it off as an association with chemo. I, hesitantly, agreed. They got a little self-conscious about it, but are pretty much over it now.
This picture was taken in August.
I also dug around and found a couple of pics to share.
This was my Granddaddy and Crystina in May 2000. Her birthday was the day after his which was just another bond between the two. This was after her second birthday party which we held at my grandparents' house.
This was a banner I made not long after he died. This was the last picture I took of him. He was sitting in "his" chair with Crystina and Carolyn.
The girls ask that if you feel inclined to please make a donation to your local Relay For Life or to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). The girls will be making a donation in the spring to PanCAN in honor of their granddad.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alphabe - Thursday: B is for Babies

I have been meaning to link up to Alphabe - Thursday hosted by Jenny Matlock each week. However, here it is, Week #2 and I still have not managed to have my post up and ready by the deadline. Maybe by Week #3, I will be on top of things. But, honestly, please don't hold your breath. I'm still adding the link above to her blog since this was her idea to begin with.

This week is the Letter B. The first thing I think of with the letter B is BABIES. I love babies, pretty much all babies. I guess I should since I have a boatload of them. I even started having them 2 at a time! I love how babies like to cuddle up with you. I love how they stare at you with amazement. I love how they smell after a bath. I love dressing them in cute little clothes. I don't love the smell of formula or the baby food. I don't love the poopy diapers or the spit up. But, I deal with all the nasties just to be around the cutsies! 

Here is my now 12-year-old as a BABY. This was Christmas 1998. She was 7 months old. We were at my maternal grandmother's house. Crystina was just learning how to crawl.

This was Carolyn at almost 3 months old. She had RSV and was hospitalized for a week. This was the day she was released. I had bought the cutest coordinating teddy bear outfit and decided that she was going to wear it home.

This was Twins Part 1, AKA Caitlyn and Charlotte, when they were 7 weeks old. I love how they were facing each other. I have never regretted my decision to keep them together even after birth. The nurses at the hospital kept telling me that they should be separated and kept apart, blah blah blah. My belief was that they were so close in utero, why split them up so fast. They are still always together. They are just as thick as thieves.

This was Twins Part 2, AKA Cheyenne and Courtney, when they were about a month old. This is a rare photo because they are actually cuddled together. You never see that anymore. I tried, as I did with the earlier twins, to keep them together. But, they wanted nothing to do with that. And they still don't. Sometimes, I wonder how they survived in utero together.

This was Connor when he was 5 days old. He was just coming home from the hospital. He was in the NICU for 4 days (2/26 - 3/2). He stayed in a room with me overnight and was released on 3/3. He learned quick that Mommy loves the camera.

This was my nephew, Christian, when he was a month old.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

QOTW: The Wardens Gave Me A Free Day!

How often do you get a day to yourself?

A day to myself? HA! I don't even get 5 minutes to myself! But, this week at Multiples and More that is going to change. At least in a fantasy world anyway. So, here is this week's question:

If you were given $1,000.00, and 24 completely responsibility-free hours.. what would you to do with it? 

Since this is my "fantasy world", I get to make ALL the decisions. So for the sake of making me happy, we are going to pretend that I am back home in New Orleans, the most awesome city in the world. Well, to me anyway.... See, isn't the skyline beautiful?:

But, I digress from my perfect 24-hr day. I'd begin by tailgating by the Superdome. Yep, Saints fans tailgate ALL day long. Actually some begin the day before the game, but I was only given 24 hours so I'll make do. I've already got my jersey that I absolutely love so I really wouldn't need any new clothes for this excursion. The bulk, okay almost ALL my money, would be for tickets to the Saints game. That's all i really want is to watch the Saints play in person. I'm not too hard to please. I just want close seats. You know, not the nose bleed section seats or anything. I don't need anything else. Just a day at the football game is enough.


Now head on over to Multiples and More and see what other mommies said.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alphabe - Thursday: A is for AIRSHOW

I have decided to participate in Alphabe- Thursday hosted by Jenny Matlock. I am so glad that I found this at the beginning rather than at some random off-the-wall letter at the end of the alphabet.

Anyways, this week we begin with the letter A.

A is for AIRSHOW and AIRPLANES -- In 2008, we took the kids to their first ever airshow at NAS Oceana (Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, Virginia). None of the kids had ever been to one before. We went all 3 days. Friday evening we went for the couple of hours they had events going on. The kids were so fascinated with the planes. On Saturday, we went all day and watched everything we could. We tried to get as close to the demonstration planes as we could. All the kids fell in love with the Blue Angels. We went back on Sunday, the 3rd and final day. We were walking around looking at the exhibits and shop booths when a man approached us. He said, "Hi, I'm _______ and I am here with Miller Light. We have some VIP tickets, do you guys want them?" At first we were unsure. Then he handed them to us and told us to follow him to the VIP row. He presented our tickets to the front booth, we were given armbands and he took us straight to the Miller Light VIP tent. We were allowed to get food and beverages for us and the kids from their food tent all day. And we were front row to the Blue Angels show. We were in absolute heaven! We bought the kids each a small blue angel replica.

Tina and Caitlyn at the AIRSHOW

Charlotte and Caitlyn with their airplanes at the AIRSHOW

Crystina and Carolyn exiting an AIRPLANE

A Blue Angel

Courtney at the AIRSHOW

Carolyn with her Blue Angel AIRPLANE

Caitlyn with her Blue Angel AIRPLANE

Cheyenne at the AIRSHOW trying to get to the AIRPLANE

Charlotte with her Blue Angel AIRPLANE

The 6 Blue Angels AIRPLANES


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Way Back When-esday: Happy Birthday, Carly!

My second born turns 8 on September 23rd. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with her. One year for Christmas she wanted a guitar because she liked her uncle's that he got with guitar hero. Couldn't pass up the pretty pink one!

Dateline: December 2007
Age: 5

Go through your photo collection and then link up with Cheryl at Twinfatuation!

Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 NFL Kickoff Game -- Saints Are 1-0!!

Sign courtesy of Fox8Live.com
Tonight was the 1st game of the 2010 NFL season. It was a re-match from last season's NFC championship, putting the World Championship New Orleans Saints (GEAUX SAINTS!!!) against the Minnesota Vikings in New Orleans.

Before the game the Super Bowl Championship Banner was unveiled.

The 1st Touchdown of the 2010 regular season was made by #19 of the New Orleans Saints, Devery Henderson (and a former LSU Tiger! Woohoo!)

Yes, I wanted to see Favre get sacked! I'm sorry, but he has his elite career. RETIRE!

But, in the end still respect the career of Favre.

My favorite sign
All game photos are from the Times Picayune - NOLA.com

Connor is all ready to watch the game on TV! This is his first time watching a regular season Saints game. I was pregnant all last season!

I was chanting "Who Dat! Who Dat! Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem saints?" And he cried! I guess he was thinking no one was gonna beat dem saints!

Mommy and her Bayou Boy! You can take us out of Louisiana but you can't take the Louisiana out of us!

Game 2: 9/20 @ 8:30 pm EST
MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL -- Here come the Who Dat's

Monday, August 16, 2010

ROAD TRIP! And I Wanna Go Home!

The above title was my tweet on 8/11/10. Wednesday morning, we began the long drive from Southern Louisiana to the mountains of Virginia (then off to Maryland Thursday afternoon). I cried driving down my road. I cried when I passed the SuperDome. I cried when I crossed the Louisiana/Mississippi border. Why? Because Louisiana is HOME! I may have been born in Virginia. I may have been raised in Virginia. But, my heart is in Louisiana. In my heart, Louisiana is my home, not Virginia. Sadly, I get criticized for that feeling. But, I'm sorry. How can I consider a place home where I  have never been welcomed. I am always looked down on. I am always put down. So, yes, Louisiana is home to me.

I had once heard that Louisiana was like a drug. Once it gets in your system, its hard to get out. Louisiana got me the moment I set foot there. She owns me; I am one of her babies now. I have been gone for 24 hours (when I wrote this) and I miss my bayous. I miss hearing all about my Saints; Redskins talk just isn't the same! Where's my Louisiana accents? Where's my Louisiana jargon? Where's my Louisiana hospitality? I want to go home so badly!

I had convinced myself that this was just an extended vacation and that worked - until I drove out of Louisiana. I know that this trip will be educational for the kids. Between all there is to do in Maryland, DC, and NorVA, they will always have something to do and will always have something to learn. And I know its just a matter of time before I am back home in the place I love so dearly.

I must admit that Connor was the most behaved child on the way here. The other 6 bickered  and fought and screamed "I want....", "I'm thirsty!", "I'm hungry!" the whole way. Even 5 minutes after eating they were screaming for more food. Tiring! And it makes for a long trip!

Here are some pics of the mountains of NorVA. I really hate the mountains, but yet I always take pictures of them. I say its to remind myself of exactly what I hate.


And my poor little bayou baby is just like me. He hates the mountains. No worries about him becoming a mountain baby. He will always be my bayou baby boy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Aloha Friday (#5): Road Trip!


In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So Kailani of An Island Life thought that on Fridays she would take it easy on posting, too. So, she created the Aloha Friday meme.

Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. If you’d like to participate, just answer my question in the comments section, post your own question on your blog and then hop over and visit An Island Life and leave your link!
So, for today.....
Q. What was the longest (distance) road trip you have been on? Who went with you?
A. My longest road trip was from Courtland, Virginia to Corpus Christi, Texas in April 2006. It was me, my husband and our then 5 (almost 6) month old twin daughters. The trip was approximately 1600 miles and took us about 24 hours of drive time (doesn't count when we stopped to sleep in a hotel). We left at 8 pm on a Friday night, drove straight through to Baton Rouge, La. There we stopped to spend the night in a hotel. Got up the next morning and drove the rest of the way to Corpus Christi, TX.


On our trip home, I altered the trip so I could go through Florida, Charleston SC and Wilmington NC.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday 13 Travel Edition: Random Signs


I am currently on an extended "vacation" to the East Coast (I live on the Gulf Coast). I travelled through 6 states and saw a lot. Sometimes, even more than I wanted to. So, here are 13 random signs I saw. Some were on vehicles as advertisements and some were billboards. Some I have pics of and some I only wish I had pics of.

1) The Best Place to Take A Leak
    ~ This was an advertisement on a truck for a radiator service in Louisiana. So, I must ask - "Exactly how many people have taken a leak ON your truck simply because your truck says it's the best place??" I am curious!!

2) You Can't Fix Stupid, but you can vote 'em out!
    ~ AMEN, Mississippi! Couldn't agree more!

3) Mississippi's Leading Distributor Choice for Lubricants
    ~ My gutter mind kicked in here for a moment. Sorry.....

4) Medical West Hospital has 24/7 ER (Alabama)
    ~ Really? Maybe its just me but I thought ER's were all 24/7? And it was Urgent Care centers that had hours?

5) Up to $1,000 fine for littering. (Georgia)
    ~ This was just funny at the time. I figured Georgia was $20,000 richer just from the litter AROUND the sign!

6) Leaving Fog Advisory Area.
    ~ Ok, Tennessee. So, it only gets foggy in that area? Really? Ok.

7) Athens Inn -- America Owned (Tennessee)
    ~ That's wonderful! However, the outside appearance of your hotel promotes 2 of America's greatest professions - prostitution and drugs! Sorry! (No, we didn't stay there. It was next to a gas station we stopped at)

8) Quality Inn has pet rooms (Tennessee)
    ~ I understand that this means that they allow pets. But, just seeing this billboard made me giggle. I wanted to call just to ask what pet rooms look like.

9) Cars Only Rest Stop (Virginia)
    ~ I realize this means no 18 wheelers or RVs. But, really. Some people may also believe this also means no pick up trucks, vans, SUVs. I mean you know the intellectual capacity of some people.

10) I love my Granddogs.
     ~ This was a bumper sticker on the back of a car in the mountains of VA. Upon passing the car, I noticed it was a sweet looking little old man. I wanted to wave and smile just because I thought it was sweet he had this sticker on his car. Then I remembered that this ain't Louisiana. And people aren't always friendly up here.

11) Knock 'Em Down and Call 'Em Shorty
     ~ Tree service in Virginia. And rather corny if you ask me! I just have this vision of this man standing in a yard screaming "How do you like me now, Shorty?!"

12) Snow Emergency Route (Maryland)
      ~ I am baffled! What if the snow is worse that way than the way you're leaving?

And for the lack of seeing another one (or remembering to write it down)....

13) Call us for our special sleeping room rates!
      ~ Quality Hotel in Houma, La. I guess they had this sign since they also have banquet rooms. But it just looked odd. I mean most people think of sleeping rooms in a hotel before banquet rooms. I'm just sayin'.........

** Check out Thursday 13 for more lists of 13 random things. ** 


For the next week, 99.9% of my blog posts will have a common theme: Road Trip! This is to inflict the agony of share my road trip with you. Enjoy!!!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

QOTW: Photo Organization

As we all know, parents these days take a lot of pictures of their kids- and having multiples means having two, three, or four times the photos to store or and organize. Our photos are precious memories, and it may just be a good time to get things organized before a hard drive tragedy strikes!

How do you store and organize your photos? (Digital, and physical?)

■Do you save only on your computer, or do you use an online photosharing site?
I have my digital pictures saved on my external flash drive. They are all in dated folders so I'll know when they were taken. I also have some on my sites such as facebook and myspace as well as on photosharing sites. My physical pictures are just thrown into a box.

■If so, which one do you use? What do you like about it?
I use fotki and photobucket. I use photobucket mainly for my blog since it has the html code. I use fotki to share pictures using a link that visitors view. I like that both have privacy settings (although fotki's privacy settings are just for paid users).

■Do you have physical albums of your photos, or do they only exist online?
Only online. I really want to get my stuff together and get my photos printed and into albums.

■Do you scrapbook?
No. I wanted to when it first became popular. But, now with 7 kids, I'd never get caught up! I had actually decided to make CDs for each of the kids with their personal pictures as well as family photos on it. That way they would always have them and could do what they wanted with them.
But, please, if any of you have any ideas on how to keep physical photos organized besides photo albums, let me know! I have a feeling I'll have pictures all printed off  before I have albums to put them in.
Let's play a little game- Since today is 8-1, Go to your eighth album in your "Pictures" files, and post the first picture in it on your blog.


This was Connor in the NICU on the day he was born. This was my first time seeing him since they took him out of the OR.
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